The following provide useful answers to questions you may have related to key areas of our products, services and various aspects of the website: We trust you will find these helpful, but if you have any specific questions that are not answered here, please go to our 'Contact Us' page.

 Use of our Products

Why should I choose these papers if I can't hand them in? Handing in any educational work as your own that has not been completed by yourself is an act of plagiarism and cheating. Re&d does not condone or support such usage of its products, and will take action if such events occur. The products we provide are aimed at enhancing your own learning experience, not to replace it. The model essays you purchase will therefore serve as a guide to aid the design and research of your own project. Additionally, as noted in our T&Cs, Re&d owns and retains the copyright to these products.

How will these essays help me? The quality model products delivered by our experienced writing team act as an aid for learning and research. They provide an indication of the reseach that is expected at a particular grade level and study type, with this being related to all types of projects, including essays, disseration proposals, dissertations and reports etc. The products will also assist by showing you how to present, structure and signpost your work to improve its flow and critical approach to the subject area, as well as helping in areas such as presentation and highlighting the types of  research methods you may be using, for example using the qualitative or quantitative approach.

Will the model papers improve my grade? No company can absolutely guarantee the grade of their educational research products, as different universities and turtors are likely to approach the marking process according to their own individual standards. However, our writing team have expertise in their field and know what is necessary for research to achieve the required grades. Therefore, the essays and dissertation products we offer indicate the minimum grade that is likely to be achieved if you follow the signposts and guidance provided. However, it is ultimately your own efforts that will determine your final grade and we cannot be responsible for this.

How are the papers differentiated from existing course media? Our products do not replace existing course media. Rather they add value by showing you how to conduct a research project that may have been set by your tutors.

What if I cannot find a product that suits my requirements? We are adding to the number of model answers available on a weekly basis, so please bookmark our site and feel free to visit us regularly. Furthermore, it you create an account with us you will automatically receive our monthly newsletter which, in addition to providing a lot of useful information about education and other subjects of interest, will also contain details about new products to be launched in the following weeks and month.

Do you provide custom written essays? No. If you want a custom written essay/dissertation Re&d is not the place for you. As mentioned in response to earlier questions, our model products are designed to assist with your learning experience, not to replace it. Our educational products are designed to provide guidance that will assist you with your own research and learning. Our products add clarity and guidance to current academic publications related to writing and researching your essay/dissertation by providing practical examples that show how you can translate this into practice.

Aren''t you just another 'essay mill'? Again the answer is an emphatic No!. Most essay mills are simply focused on offering 1000's of products for sale. In other words, they can simply be described as 'essay/dissertation retailers'. Often the products they offer are simply ones that other student's have uploaded in exchange for a new product they require, which may or may not match the quality and grade of the educational product you require. Our stock of products may be lower in quantity than an essay mill, but the difference is that every one has been personally written by our own in-house writers who not only have proven experience in academic writing, but also expertise in the public/private sector industries to which the model answer applies. Furthermore, we also offer all students an ongoing mentoring and advisory service through our coursework proofreading and assessment option. Re&d is not only there to help you with today's problem but to also provide advice, guidance and mentoring throughout your graduation journey.

Price of products

Why is there a difference in the price of your product? We believe it is unfair and unethical to charge our customers the same price for educational products that have a widely different work count. Would you really expect to pay the same price for a 1,500 word essay as you would for one of 5,000, 10,000 ot 15,000 words or more? We do not think so and, therefore, we have introduced a pricing tier that reflects the word count of the model answer you wish to purchase. Currently, although subject to change, our prices are set at £3.99 for any product up to 1,500 words, £4.99 for 1,501 - 6,000 words, £6.99 for 6,001 - 11,000 words and £9.99 for 11,001 - 15,000 words. Products in excess of the 15,000 may attract an additional price.

Why don't you offer a monthly subscription service? Again we do not think this is fair on you as a student to adopt this approach.  We are aware from our experience in this field that you may only need to come to purchase products 2 or 3 times a year. during your degree course. Would it be fair of us to ask you to pay a monthly subscription of say £6.99 (£80 per annum plus) to download our products? No we dont think so! We will be there when you need us and not ask you for money when you don't. Furthermore, if you set up an account with us we will send you a monthly newsletter and email, free of charge, telling you about our future activities and forthcoming products, so why should you pay for this service?


Do you only accept payment by PayPal? No. At present PayPay is the online gateway through which we collect payments, but you can also use your debit or credit card to make a payment. We will be extending the payment gateways offered in the future and will let our customers know when this change takes place.

Why does Paypal ask for a password? The password is simply required for order tracking purposes. This does not mean that you are being asked to set up a Paypal account.

How is my payment data protected? Re&d complies with all current data protection and online data and privacy protection legislation and regulations. Our site has the appropriate securiity processes in place, and this is reinforced by taking payment through PayPal's own secure server. For further details on these issues, please review our Terms and Conditions.


How long do I have to download the product? There is a limit of 72 hours during which time the product should be downloaded. In most cases this provides ample time to access your PDF. However, in exceptional circumstances, if you are unable to complete the download within this time, please contact us and, after reviewing your request, we may e-mail it too you. However, as you will appreciate, we will match your request against our download records to ensure that this is not simply an attempt to gain access to multiple products.

Do I need a special programme to download the product? All our educational products have been created in Acrobat® and are viewable through their Adobe programme. If you do not have this programme, or one that is similar to Acrobat, you may be asked to download a copy of their adobe reader programme. Once you register, Acrobat can provides a free version of this PDF viewer.

What happens when I download the product? When you download your product it will open up as a PDF on your device (PC, Laptop, iPad, Mobile etc).

Should I save the product? Yes. In the case of PDFs, when you download the product after purchase, it will open on your device. It is important that you then save the PDF to a folder on that device that you can easily recognise, for example 'Downloads'.

What should I do if the product does not open correctly or is damaged? In the unlikely event that you experience this sort of problem then please contact us immediately, entering Help as the subject matter and we will send you a replacement via your e-mail address. Please note, depending on the time and intermational time differentials, it may take up to 5-6 hours for us to respond to this request, but in most cases you should receive the replacement within 1-2 hours,

Creating an account with us

Why should I open an account with Re&d? We believe you will gain a number of benefits from opening an account with us. Among these are the following:

  • You will be able to save and view your order details
  • You will automatically receive our monthly newsletter via e-mail
  • We'll update you, via email, when new products are available
  • You will be among the first to hear about special offers, events and other information that may be useful to you.

Other questions
Finally, if you have any questions that we have not answered here or need any further advice, please contact us  using the subject tabs available to outline your enquiry.