Free essays

The following three sample essays are available for free download. They will provide you with a starting point, which provides an idea of the type of structure and research to be focused on during the preparation of your coursework. Please remember, these are only examples and NOT to be used as your own work. Click on the title to access the PDF.

Accountancy - Since the early 1990s there has been a continuing debate centred on assessing whether, within the confines of commercial pressure imposed on them, auditors are effectively carrying out their role and duties. This paper examines recent research and expert commentary related to this particular argument. It is concluded that generally, members of this profession are performing well. However, there remains significant areas of concern that need to be addressed.

Politics & Economics  - As noted in the research by P.J. Taylor (2002: 113), historically, the global economic environment was made up of a “…competitive world of rivalry between states, [where] each has had to look to its own ends and use any means available to satisfy them.”1 (P.J. Taylor, 2002). Following the demise of the cold war and the advent of the information era, however, this global economic landscape has changed dramatically. Indeed, it was in recognition of this change that the ex-Prime Minister of the UK, Tony Blair observed in his 2006 speech to the Australian government argued “you can't have a coherent view of national interest today without a coherent view of the international community” (Blair 2006, n.p). However, one has to consider the merits of this argument in the context of the rivalries and alliances that still exist globally across national economies. The objective of this essay is to examine the impact that these phenomena have, using examples from four main economic and political activities for this purpose.

Business - Following a brief review of the historical development of corporate ownership structures, this essay will examine theses within the context of UK corporations. For this purpose, two diverse ownership corporations will be used for analysis purposes. These consist of John Lewis PLC (Managerial ownership), and Marks and Spencer PLC (Shareholder ownership).