About Us

Re&d Ltd is a publishing house that operates predominantly in the online environment. The main focus of our work is the publication and sale of model research, essays and dissertations products. These are aimed at providing higher education students with guidance and help with their work across a range of study areas, which includes accountancy, financial, business, healthcare and social work. Our affordable model essays start from as little as £1.99 ($6 approx).

We pride ourselves on our ethical approach to this important area of education and our team has a combined knowledge gained from over 40 years of experience in the field of business and educational research.  Therefore, we understand the complexities and challenges that students face as they strive for knowledge that will enhance their educational and career based objectives.

Re&d also publishes content that is available for purchase for web-based and print publications. Our team have contributed articles in this manner across a range of subjects from automobiles to academic criticism, history to humour, and politics to philosophy. Our previous work in this area has been used by a number of web/print organisations in the UK and across international borders.

Finally, for those who simply want to Read, Enjoy & Delight in the entertainment value of the written word, we also assist with the publication of non-fiction and creative books, including novels and children’s stories.


About the team

PaulPaul Lines is the leader of our writing and product development team. Originally trained in accountancy, Paul has more than three decades of experience in business management, helping corporations to develop successful expansion strategies.

Paul also has extensive knowledge in the production of educational products that can be used by students as a guide for their studies, and has often acted as a mentor for individual students who may have experienced difficulty with their research projects, in both the UK and elsewhere.

Paul is also an experienced content writer and provider, having penned over 2,000 articles for a variety of national and international print and online media outlets. In his spare time, Paul likes to indulge in creative novel writing and has three books currently available on Kindle (see our books page).

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