The Importance of HR Planning to Healthcare Project Management

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Effective HR planning and project management are inseparable, predominantly because it is the former that will have the most impact on the successful outcome of the latter. The objective of this research is to examine the strategic elements of these two processes and assess how they need to be concurrently managed to secure the successful outcome of the implementation of projects within the healthcare sector. Specifically, this will be related to aproject that is likely to takesplace within a residential care home.

Effective planning of human resources is of critical importance to the success of any firm (Mabey et al 1999; Armstrong 2012), including those operating in the public healthcare sector. Among the main objectives of HR plans is the need to make sure that the organisation has an adequate complement of employees to fulfil their role deployment requirements, and that they have the requisite level of skills and competences required to undertake these tasks. It is an equally important part of these plans to ensure that the workforce is suitably motivated to engage with the organisational goals, which will improve the consumer experience and assist in securing employee continuity and retention.