Report on the Development of a LAN Project

Level: Undergraduate | Grade: 2:2 | Approx. Word Count: 1,610

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This report sets out the detailed plan for the development of a Local Area Network (LAN) project that will be developed by APL Computers and implemented in the social services department of a local authority situated in Leicestershire. It contains an overview of the aims and objectives, needs of the stakeholders, the structure and performance details and costs.

The fundamental aim of the project is designed to develop an intranet system and use the latest technology to improve methods of communication access and transfer of knowledge and other relevant information between members of the social service department. To facilitate this objective, the LAN installation project will comprise a four stage approach as detailed in section 3 of this report, which is basically focused on planning, execution, training and project performance management. During the first stage of the process, it will be critical for the project team to work with the social services management and workforce to ensure that the anticipated design of the project takes into account all of the practical and performance issues that need to be addressed to ensure the completed LAN matches the client’s requirements.