The impact of the credit crisis on BNP

Level: Undergraduate | Grade: 2:1 | Approx. Word Count: 5,250

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The intention of this study is to resolve the question as to whether the BNP financial organisation has been successful in its attempt to both re-position itself and adapt to the current climate of reinforced legislation and regulations imposed following the recent global credit crisis.


The global credit crises that occurred during 2008-2009, not only had a devastating effect on national and international financial markets at the time, it has also continued to create issues for many of the financial institutions that operate within this market sector since this time. This dramatic event precipitate cause a global economic meltdown during the years in question, a recovery from which, despite encouraging signals emanating from many national politicians, still remains slow and tedious for many countries. Not surprisingly, the ‘credit crunch’ also had serious consequences, some of which were fatal, for many of the organisation and institutions operating within the global financial sector, including banks, insurance and asset management corporations. This study reviews the robustness of the changes made at BNP following the crisis.