Comparing Corporate Investments

Level: Undergraduate | Grade: 2:1 | Approx. Word Count: 1,143

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This objective of this study is to conduct a five-year financial appraisal of the strategic results of two corporations operating in diverse national and industry environments. For this purpose, a publically listed corporation in the telecom industry sector of the UK, and one from the same sector in China have been selected.
The study commences with a brief overview of the impact that domestic political factors have on the structure and performance of corporations in the two countries before providing a brief overview of the five year financial performance of the two selected corporations.

It is apparent that there is a significant difference between the size, economic and political structures that exist in the UK and in China, the latter of which has an influence on the ownership structure and operations of their domestic corporations and, to a certain extent their financial performance, particularly in relation to profit distribution (Madura 2011).