A Reflection - Learning Styles and Personality Traits

Level: Undergraduate | Grade: 2:1 | Approx. Word Count: 3,000

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The aim of this reflection is two-fold. Part I provides me with the ability to be able to examine which of the tests I considered to be most appropriate for my learning and the second was to provide with a clear focus of where I need to concentrate my future learning objectives and how the results reflect on my future career choice.

The purpose of this essay is to provide me with a reflection on what I have learned about my leadership skills and personality traits so that I can identify areas where I may need to improve my current skills and capabilities in a manner that enhances my future role as an educational teacher. To facilitate this learning process, I have undertaken a range of currently recommended personality/learning tests, which provides diverse measurements to examine my current capabilities. In addition to the VARK model, these have included the Belbin, Johan Window and Meyers-Briggs tests.