Guide to a Romantic Adventure in Telluride Colorado

Author: Marliese | Subject: Destination - Colorado

Guide to a Romantic Adventure in Telluride Colorado image
Article excerpt: When looking for that special romantic getaway or vacation many would past by the inland resort of Telluride in Colorado.  Lying snug in the valleys beneath the towering Colorado peaks of the San Juan Mountains, most would associate this genuine mining town with a variety of activity based vacations. For example, in the winter Telluride offers Helitrax and NASTAR racetrack, where you can be dropped from the skies onto challenging ski runs or, in the case of the latter, pit yourself against others in various time trial ski events. Even in the summer there is a plethora of active breaks available; from river rafting to kayaking and climbing to camping. Alternatively, you can get involved with the multitude of festivals, featuring Jazz, film and wine, to name but a few. Word Count 632