The day nature destroyed a US fleet

Author: Paul | Subject: Extreme Weather

The day nature destroyed a US fleet image
The men and women of the USN Task Force 38 went to sleep on the 17th December 1944 battle weary but proud of the defeat that they had inflicted upon the Japanese army with relatively few casualties amongst their own forces. Although some of their vessels were battered and bruised, and many in desperate need of refuelling, the victors were pleased to be making their way back to base, glad of the respite from the fighting. However, little did they realise that, by the middle of the following day they would be involved in another ferocious fight for their lives. A fight against which all the might and weaponry at the fleet’s disposal would prove useless, in fact in some cases it was to become a fatal hindrance. For the fight that awaited USN Task Force 38 on the 18th December 1944 was not against man. It was against nature, in the powerful form of typhoon Cobra.