Why so many People in the USA Lack Medical Coverage

Author: Marliese | Subject: Medical cover

Why so many People in the USA Lack Medical Coverage image
Article excerpt: Medical coverage in the US is not universally available and, consequently, this has given rise to a situation where a significant percentage of the population lack such coverage, a position which in turn has given rise to the debate about why so many people in the US do not have medical insurance has been continuing for years, so much so that providing medical coverage for all became one of the central themes of Barak Obama's presidential campaign back in 2008. Nevertheless, of itself this does resolve the central theme of the debate regarding the reasons why, according to a US Census Bureau report published in 2008, over 15% of Americans had no medical insurance and a further 35% were reported by CNN in 2009 to be underinsured. The answer to this question is particularly relevent when one sets it against the fact that in some US states around 62% or personal bankruptcies are caused by the individuals medical debt[http://www.moneymatters360.com/index.php/why-so-many-people-in-the-usa-lack-medical-coverage-4-65706/#sourcesAndCitations].