Overview of Women on Death Row

Author: Mark | Subject: Death Penalty

Overview of Women on Death Row image
Article excerpt: Although the vast majority of inmates on death row have been men, over the years a number of women have sat in this notorious segment of the USA’s prison system. Indeed, since 1903, there have been 51 executions of females carried out, with 12 of these during the past 27years. The following is just a selection of the 51 executed: Mary Rogers - Hanged - 8 December 1905 Mary Rogers, who originally married at the age of 15, left her husband four years later. She murdered her husband the same year so that she was free to pursue her love for another man, although apparently the affection was not reciprocated. Rogers was sentenced to death in 1903 and, despite several attempts to reverse the verdict, was hanged in Vermont’s Windsor prison two years later.