How to Avoid Taking your Anger out on your Kids

Author: Marliese | Subject: Children

How to Avoid Taking your Anger out on your Kids image
Article excerpt: The life of a single parent is never easy. It is full of pressures and stresses which, unlike with a two parent family environment, will fall squarely on the shoulders of one person, the single parent. It is not surprising therefore that, occasionally, those stresses will need to be released and, all too often, this release will take the form of the single parent venting their anger and frustration. The difficulty is that sometimes the only people that the single parent can vent their anger are the children. Although sometimes one could argue that the children are enough to 'try the patience of a saint,' which clearly us single parents are not, it is never a good idea to unjustly vent our anger in this direction. Therefore, when we feel the pressure and stress begins to build up inside, we should seek other ways of releasing our pent up feelings.