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Members of our team have gained extensive experience over the past decade in providing content for web and print based media. These articles, which are ideally suited for blog, website as well as print content, cover a range of subject areas, which include:

  • BusinessCitroen 2CVb
  • Education
  • Travel
  • History
  • Finance
  • Motoring
  • Health & Social
  • Other

El MoraigA small cross-section of the web/print content developed by our writing team leader, Paul Lines are shown on the right of this page and more of his work can be found at We have an increasing stock of high quality reprint articles available for purchase. While the copyright of these articles belongs to Re&d, and should be acknowledged, following purchase you are granted the licence to use the article on your website/blog, subject to our normal T&Cs. You may of course, change the images if you wish, as long as they remain within the context of the article text and aims. If you wish to bulk purchase, please contact us at


Bespoke Article and content service

We Places around the ring of fire2can also offer a bespoke content service at reasonable prices. In this case, the content will be tailored to the individual needs of your blogsite or brand, and focused on engaging with your target audience. To discuss your requirments and get a quote, you can contact us using the following options:

  • Use the contact us option (see top of page)
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  • Text or call us on 0751 796 3712

Whatever your needs we can provide top quality stock or bespoke content to suit your specific needs. We look forward to being of service to you.