The dualisation of the Nyanyan-Keffi road

Level: Undergraduate | Grade: 2.1 | Approx. Word Count: 5,800

The dualisation of the Nyanyan-Keffi road image

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There are risks associated with any project which, if not managed correctly, can have an adverse impact on its successful outcome. This paper discusses some of the key elements of those risks in relation to a complex infrastructure construction project undertaken in Nigeria.

The Nyanyan - Keefi road dualisation project represents one of the most ambitious major infrastructure carried out by the Nigerian Federal Government. The need for this project has been twofold, Firstly, it has been driven by the government’s decision to change the location of its capital city and secondly it is required to address the traffic congestion and accident rates that presently occur on the single carriageway road connection between Keefi and  the Nigerian capital, Abuja. The intention of this essay it to evaluate the performance of the “Nyanyan - Keffi Road Dualization” project and identify two of the most critical areas where threats to the successful delivery of the project may exist (Celand 2007).